Monday 22 August 2011

going DoTTY!

I'm back at work, playing about with glazes again :)  This idea's been playing around in my head for a while so it was good to get it 'out' as it were!  After masking leaves, I added a number of coloured dots, inspired by some work I'd seen on Facebook. Whilst looking this up again, I came across a new blog to me:  Today I decided to decorate a couple of plates for my hall table, one for the Autumn, ready to showcase conkers, coloured leaves and fir cones,

and one for the Summer, inspired by one of Kelly Hennessey's tiles

The Summer plate is my favourite and I can't wait for it to come out of the kiln :)

On another note, here's the newspaper article from the yarn bombing I organised about a month ago now.  The article came out whilst I was away on holiday:

If you love meeting people, and want to bring a smile to your local community, I can highly recommend a bit of 'yarn bombing' ;)


  1. Hi stranger, welcome back from your holiday, hope you had a fab time. Love your plates, the dots are very effective and will look great decorating your house. How nice making your own pieces for the home. Tracy x

  2. Welcome back from your hols. Did you have a great time? We had a luvverly time in sunny Cornwall :-) Your plates look fab. It will be a shame to cover them up with conkers!

  3. Love the summer plate especially - the dots are a lovely effect.


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