Tuesday 23 August 2011

in the style of Sarah Ahearn Bellamere by train

I treated myself to this beautiful book just before I went away.  I LoVe the way Sarah Ahearn uses snippets of collage and colour, and also her use of white space.  One of the activities in her book is mini scrapping using what comes to hand from a collection of papers in a box. I found this really hard on holiday but gave it another go whilst away again this last week.  We celebrated our twentieth wedding anniversary this week by taking a steam ride from York to Scarborough, first class no less!!

On the return journey I got out my scrapping kit again and had a go at some mini pages:

I might still add to these pages, I might not, but I'm pleased with the progress I'm making.  My friend Chris and I are going up to Harrogate on Saturday for a workshop with Kate Crane, again working on mini pages - hmm, I see a pattern forming ;)


  1. i just recently bought sarah's book too......and my head is still swooning over the wonderful artwork amongst the pages!! congrats on your twentieth......and congrats on all those mini pages too!!! xo

  2. hello! :)

    so happy to see what you are working on, i'm glad you were inspired! thanks for posting about the book! i'm excited to see what you might do next!

    happy anniversary too :)

    xo *sarah

  3. Hi Sarah

    It was lovely to meet up with you and Chris yesterday..sorry, I didn't get chance to say bye properly! The day was over in a flash!

    Looking forward to catching up with your gorgeous artwork.. I haven't been around blogland much just lately.

    Congrats on your anniversary and to your Son too.. hope he is looking forward to the next chapter of his life.

    Have a great Sunday. Gez.xx


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