Saturday, 17 December 2011

a happy owl!

I think this owl might actually have a bit of a smile!

I'm not sure how, it must be something to do with his eyes!  But it does answer my question - is it possible to make a happy owl?  Not that that was the intention, I just had the design in my head and off to the sewing machine I went!  I've also managed a couple of Christmas cards this week...

But most of my time has been spent teaching, and practising the Christmas play.  I take classes in school whilst the teacher has her planning and preparation time.  On Monday I was a wise man in the play, Tuesday a shepherd and by Wednesday I'd been 'demoted' to a cow lol!

I have the privilege of working in two schools and they both put on stunning Christmas performances.  I helped with the dress rehearsal on Thursday in one and was a guest at the second on Friday.  The schools, and therefore the performances, are both very different, but the creative talents of the staff, and the hard work of the pupils in both produced amazing results.


  1. Love your happy owl, I think it's the eyes too and your stitched Christmas card is lovely. Love the Cow costume LOL. Glad to hear you are enjoying yourself. Tracy x ooh my word verification is twitt, how bizarre lol.

  2. I think your owl is definitely happy! Glad you've been enjoying the school preparations for Christmas.

  3. I think your owl is very happy but I get that mostly from his Smiling eyes. I'm in to owls right now too. Having fun with them.
    Thanks for sharing.

  4. The stitched Christmas cards are really beautiful!

  5. Your owl is lovely and I DO see a smile : ) Sounds like your Christmas holiday is busy and loads of fun! Wonderful to read all about it xxx

  6. Yes, the owl looks a bit delirious--LOL! Love the stitched card and you look like you are having a moovalous time. Happy Sunday! :)

  7. LOL this made me want to leave an impolite comment about cows and silly but I resisted!
    LOVE the owl and yes there is a faint hint of a smile about him:)

  8. I just said to Malc how restrained everyone was and no-one had mentioned my cow costume lol!!!


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