Sunday 11 December 2011

these boots weren't made for walking!

My fab 'jabberwocky' friend Sue and I took a trip out to the depths of Staffordshire on Saturday afternoon to make paper shoes :)   The workshop was run by the very talented Jennifer Collier (check out her paper vintage typewriter!) in her exhibition, workshop and studio space 'unit twelve'.  

The current exhibition is entitled 'the ties that bind' and features an eclectic mix of aprons, including one made from a tin pail!

My favourite one had spoons in its pockets, and I LoVe spoons!  I wasn't surprised to discover it was made by Priscilla Jones, who's one of my very favourite mixed media artists.

Both Sue and I loved the wonderful 'wallpaper' in the exhibition space, created with pieces cut from old dress patterns.

Through the exhibition space is the workshop area and a number of small studio spaces.  

I got myself a couple of Christmas presents (my mother in law has been asking what I would like so she'll be happy she only has to wrap them!) from the very talented Jo Hill, Emily Notman and Louise Wilson.

I had to finish my shoes off at home.  I changed the lace up ones slightly so as they look more like my own, and shortened the alice shoe design.

I added laces made from strips of cotton, lace and organza.

I added stitched flowers to my alice shoes, and press studs.  Not a great photo I'm afraid as the glue was still wet further up!!

I love my paper shoes :)


  1. The shoes are fantastic as is the paper dress-pattern wallpaper:)
    I love recycled projects.
    (Sounds like you had a very inspirational time!)

  2. What precious little shoes!

    I was lucky enough to meet Priscilla at the Do What You Love retreat this year - one very talented lady (and nice with it too!).

  3. It was a fun day out! My shoes are not quite finished yet....later in the week I hope!

  4. Oh, cute paper shoes! What a great display area and fun things to peruse. :)

  5. Great idea - looks like a lot of fun.

  6. What a brilliant idea! Love it.

  7. I love your shoes too! Looks as though you had a great time!

  8. Love your shoes. Sounds like a interesting and inspiring place to spend the day. Love all the creative thoughts and projects you posted.

  9. Love Love Love them. Ooh I would have loved that workshop. I think her stuff is great too!


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