Tuesday 10 April 2012

more journal pages

These are some more of the pages I worked on last week.  I've been having a sort and a tidy in my studio and unearthed some walnut ink...

The inside of envelopes, Tim's tissue tape and splashy, watery paint have been a bit of a signature this week!

As well as letters and numbers in various forms!

My little journal, empty at the beginning of last week, is getting nicely fuller!


  1. ooh I do love your pages at the moment Sarah. these seem somehow minimalist and tidy to me even though they aren't really - makes no sense! lol

  2. Lovely Sarah. But then they are predominantly made up of my have colours.

  3. Hey Sarah! How are you?!! Thanks for popping by my blog, it was lovely to hear from you!! As usual your artiness amazes me, such beautiful pages.

    We have showers today, mixed with a bit of sunshine, no sleet!!


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