Tuesday, 21 August 2012

a touch of journaling

I don't know why this post didn't schedule before I went away camping, but still! A few weeks or so back I ended up at our local, large shopping centre, The Trafford Centre, with time to spare (that's what comes of taking my daughter and her friends and believing them that they'd only be an hour!)  After a bit of a mooch around Paperchase I decided to stock up on a little notebook and some washi tapes before sitting down in a coffee shop and creating a couple of pages.

I love cutting and sticking but although these pages are ok, they didn't really 'do it' for me.  I'm feeling a bit 'stuck' with my journal at the minute.

I think I'm just over thinking it all really rather than just enjoying 'playing'.

But I have established that although I love to cut and stick, splodging paint around is my very favourite thing to do!

We were going away, camping,  a week or so after this, and my husband always groans at the amount of different craft supplies I take.  My plan this year was to pack a little set of supplies so this gave me some clues when working out what to take this year.  My conclusion - paints, baby wipes, stencils... :) I'll start sharing some of the pages tomorrow.

What does your minimalist list of supplies look like?  And have you tried limiting yourself to them?  I'd LoVe to know.


  1. Great start..I love your pages so far :)..funny cuz I just got back from a long trip in the car...didnt bring stecils and REALLY missed them..bought the little watercolor set..and my inktense pencils..It was a challenge! lol

  2. the splodging does it for me too Sarah. lovely! it can be pretty difficult to just play and do what you like doing (there can be this little voice that says "will everyone else like it?") minimalist - nah - not possible lol

  3. I am so with you on the paint playing :) Looks like a great start...can't wait to see more Sarah!


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