Saturday, 25 August 2012

step by step art journal page

Maybe it was a little ambitious to take step by step photos of the creation of a page whilst attempting something new!  All the way through, until I forgot to take any photos, I was telling myself to just play, just enjoy the mark making, but ended up really not liking what I'd done. I really, really, really love these pages now and can't believe they looked like this at one point!

So here you go, step by step :)

in my large-ish typewriter book, layer of Buff Titanium because I couldn't find the gesso!

patches of Phalo Blue in the bottom third of the pages

black drawing ink applied with a stick!

quite liking it so far, don't know where it's going though

a stripe of blue ink in the top third, then some Sticky Fingers Bluebell ink sprayed above it

darker blue ink splodge on, not liking this, and what on earth
am I going to put in the middle?

a stripe of a yellow ochre type of how it goes over
the blue spots and you can still see them

I wanted some red highlights on this page, inspired by
David Ashby's pottery, check them out they're stunning, like art journaling on clay

Nope, really don't like it, it feels to dark so I'll brayer some white acrylic
paint over it and see what happens


 I liked it so much I forgot to take anymore pics until I finished the pages

Brayering pulled off some of the paint so I used some scraps of paper from the table
as collage fodder
(I'd done some free mark making before starting this page aka Jane Davies then
used the same paper to dry off my brushes/brayer/stencils)

I've always loved the scraps of paper under my work, it's where I don't think so 
often get surprising results and textures.  It's also why I don't use a teflon mat!!!

A bit more drawing ink and hey, I'm happy!!!

:) hee hee hee


  1. fascinating pages Sarah. I think it must be difficult to take photos once the creative phase gets going and you don't want to stop. I have stopped using acrylic paint for background cover as I don't like it's "sticky" finish.

  2. Great journal ages Sarah, love the step by step process and the markings are fabulous. Tracy x


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