Sunday, 5 January 2014

art calendar challenge 2014

I did a fair bit of umming and ahhing about whether to join in with this year's calendar challenge.  I LoVe the idea of it but am absolutely rubbish at keeping a diary.  In theory having an art journal slant to it should make it easier but I don't have a great record - although better than keeping an actual diary!!

Whilst tidying my craft room I found the book I made for the art calendar challenge 2010.  It was great reading back some of the things I noted about that month.

I can't believe I did all that work for February but didn't fill it in!!

I LoVe the folder I decorated for 2011.....

..... although I didn't get much filled in that month/year!

So this year I reckoned that even if I only completed January, I could put all the Januarys together in a book and maybe, over the years, collect snippets of my life notes!!!  I've bound a few pages together that will fit January and February in, and we'll see where it goes from here :)

I even have an extra page that I'm planning on using to list the books I read this month (I'd love to be able to keep a record of the books I read but never get around to it!)

This is the fifth year of the art calendar challenge.  Head on over to Kate Crane's blog, the Kathryn Wheel, if you'd like to read more about it or join in.


  1. I always look at this each year and think - yes, like the idea... but never get round to it, and never think I have enough I could record... but maybe one day!! I love your January page for this year, Sarah, it looks fabulous. Hope you keep it up.

  2. haha! I love the idea of a book of Januarys! I hope you do keep going all year - I love your pages :-)

  3. Oh! C'mon-you can do it-I sometimes have to put a note in my phone to remind me what I've done as I don't write up every day -ooooooh-confessions of Chris!! Looks good so far! Hugs, Chrisx

  4. You can do it Sarah! A book of Januarys or any other month sounds fantastic:-)

  5. Sarah.... I have just joined Kate's group to do this after much 'thinking' about it ......
    Your January page looks fab!
    Thanks for the visit already

  6. I have never made a journal calendar--in fact, I have never made a calendar! I really like the idea of documenting little snippets of life on the calendar, but, like you, I am not sure how religious I would be about keeping it up. Most of my snippets would read just "studio"! ;-) January 2011 where you stamped dates with oversized numbers is my favorite! Nice job, Sarah!! And, good luck with that! haha


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