Friday, 7 February 2014

my Stampotique February calendar pages

I am so pleased with myself...I've got beyond January with this year's calendar pages!  This is a first :)

I've missed a couple of days, but keeping my 'journal' by my bed means I usually remember to write something.

I'm particularly happy with the little pages I added which gave me space to list the books I read in January.  I still need to add a couple but it's pretty much up to date.

The stamped lines are from a homemade stamp - I carved it from a big eraser purchased in Asda/Walmart.

And look!

I've completed almost a week in February too :)

To be honest, having a weekly commitment to the Stampotique Designers' Blog helped motivate me to get my February pages made.

I added some sprayed paper to my journal.  This was torn at one end so I stamped Journey Collage with Archival Monarch Orange over the white space.

I decided to colour Peggy's face and hands, rather than paper-piece them.  Whilst colouring I discovered that she had a heart on her jumper ... I'd never noticed that before!

I was a bit worried that the white hearts stood out too much, but once they have writing on they 'tone down' a touch ...

... and I think I like it :)

Stamps used:
Peggy by Jill Penney and Daniel Torrente
Daniel's Hearts by Daniel Torrente
Row of Numbers by Amy Wilson Wellenstein
Journey Collage by Amy Wilson Wellenstein
Alphabitties by Jill Penney and Daniel Torrente

And if you'd like to join in with the calendar challenge, or just drool over some gorgeous pages, head over to Kate's blog here


  1. Good that you are motivated to keep up with your Calendar pages. Peggy looks so at home and is coloured really lovely. Glad you noticed her Heart, it's one of the things i love about her :-) x

  2. Glad you have managed at least one month!!! Looks good too - definitely Sarah style! Love your Feb pages - fantastic way of doing journal spots! Chrisx

  3. what a great idea, I really need to adapt writing a little something each day to help me out with my project life. Great pages!

  4. Hi Sarah! I love this! I love the little spots to write on in these beautiful pages, and your handwriting is so pretty, it adds to the design! I love everything you create! xo


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