Thursday 8 January 2015

an art journaling New Year's resolution

I've been very happy for a long time not writing in my art journals.  Splashing paint around, spraying ink and adding stamping and doodling are extremely relaxing and they reflect me through my choice of colour, image...

..but I've recently (well, for a few months really) I've been wanting to add writing.  I have done it before, but usually only something fun resulting from an image I've added, or as an example for a workshop!

I want to add quotes, declarations, good things to hear or bible verses but I'm not finding it easy!  I have three pages ready for writing ... I just need the courage ;)


  1. Don't waste those fab pages just write...
    Amanda x

  2. I seem to have gone into reverse! As you know I used to write (often too much) on my pages now I hardly ever write! I used to have the words in my head before I used any colour etc. -hence some quite varied pages!!! Sorry not that helpful as you already have some fab pages all ready!! Hugs, Chrisx

  3. What fabulous pages you have ready and waiting - love that last one, with the kind of sunburst type stencil (presumably) - not got that one!! Take a deep breath and write... it's not so bad if you're writing out a quote rather than some deep personal thoughts!! (which i never do either)

  4. You have conquered much more daunting things than this, i was in your class when you were teaching us about writing in journals, so do what you told your students to do... Enjoy the process, practice makes perfect, there are no mistakes, it's only paper!

    Looking forward to your mark making/writings Sarah, sprinkle some Fairy Dust and wave your magic wand, ta dah... :-) x

  5. First, your pages are just beautiful! Love the fresh color and the white spaces. I'm struggling with the writing thing as well. I'm worried I'll ruin the page (since I have done just that to some), but I'm doing a lot of practice writing and starting to add some hand-to-paper words. I'll never be a spill-my-guts journaler, but love words and quotes and know they add so much. Let's all be brave and just do it!

  6. Go for it Sarah, these are wonderful pages. Happy New Year . xxx

  7. Awesome pages Sarah!! Maybe you can write on some white paper and cut the writing out. XOXO

  8. Take today's newspaper and cut out some words which grab you, or use an old book or magazine.
    Just one or two words is all you need. When I have writer's block I focus on a word such as 'cold' or 'river'. Then I write down what comes into my head, then a short poem, then a very short story. Works wonderfully! :)

    It is cold today and I have just been to the Thames at Shillingford and saw some wonderful sights.
    Hope that helps.


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