Wednesday 31 December 2014

some early spring cleaning!

I've been playing in a new journal  :)  I'd like to start including more written journaling so am practising!

It's also been my treat for finally sorting my craft room, not that it looks particularly tidy and organised in this general shot.  I used to have space in the cellar but once the kids moved out of the attic I got to move up there.  That was a few years ago and although I've blitzed it before it's never got properly sorted.

I'm forever turning these two tables around.  I have one for paper stuff and the other for stitching.  I have a sewing machine and an embellisher on there.

Last year my Mum bought me these huge boxes to keep my fabrics in.  Sometimes it takes a while to work out how best to organise things, but I think I'm there with them this time.


I bought the above mannequin for my corset and it's been standing empty for ages whilst I hunted for my corset, sure I'd seen it around somewhere.  It turned out I'd given it to one of the members of the corset swap a couple of years ago and she surprised me with it the other week :)  It still has space for work but I'm happy with it for the moment.

Around behind my paper workdesk is this lovely plan chest which was gifted to me by Paddy of Paddy's Stamping Place.  I use it as an additional workspace for my Big Shot and for working on other paper projects such as using Brusho.

I'm going to give the Documented Life Project 2015 a go, alongside Documented Faith and Take Me Deeper, this year.  I'm not great at keeping up with long term projects but a fresh start and all that!

Wishing you all a very Happy New Year!  Thanks so much for all your support this year, Sarah x


  1. Nothing better that a new challenge (and a new journal) for a new year - hope 2015 is fabulous for you. Happy New Year!

  2. Nothing like a good clear out both physically and mentally Sarah, your craft space is very like mine lol.

    Have a wonderful 2015 filled with Good Health, Happiness and Inspiration :-) xxx

  3. What a lovely craft space to work in Sarah and your plan chest is divine (!) I haven't worked out how to store my fabrics yet and they are growing rapidly. Perhaps I need some more storage lol. I never managed the long term projects but I love how you've started yours. Have a fabulous 2015!

  4. Good example you're setting here!! Been home for a day and just can't get going!!! I'll be in touch! Hugs, Chrisx


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