Saturday 28 November 2015

step by step art journal page for original documented life project challenge

In between the layers on this piece are alternate feelings of "I like it" and "oh dear, now what?  I think I like the final piece!

It started with Brusho

and continued with me finally opening my distress paint and trying it on the gelli plate.

It turned out that I didn't really choose the right colour!  This was my first 'oh dear' moment.

So I got out a stencil and continued playing with my distress paints, dabbing paint through and then stamping with the stencil to get the opposite effect.


I made some stamps the other week with some adhesive funky foam (these are sooooo easy to make!).

The page then sat for a while because I couldn't think what to do next, possibly because I liked it so much just as it is!

In the end I drew a daisy on some book paper and used a Dina Wakley mask (the DLP challenge is to use a stencil, mask and stamp together on the page) as the stalk, drawing around it with a white gel pen.

It went through some more 'oh dear' moments but I think I like it now!  It may or may not be finished - considering some clouds and/or raindrops.

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  1. The joy of journalling is that you can keep on tinkering! I love it.. the final (for now) background looks fabulous!

    1. Lol, what a brilliant thought which would be fab on a journal page!!

  2. A journal page is never really finished....or is it? This looks great and it was good to see how you got to the final page(well, for now anyway!) LoVe your flower! Chrisx

    1. That's a good question!! Most of the time I know it's finished for me, but lately I've been less sure!

  3. Oh how I know that "I shouldn't have done that" feeling!
    I have pages that are probably twice as thick as they started with all the gesso that's gone to cover things :)

  4. I love it, it looks awesome! Turns out I love those pieces the most that are sitting for a while and things are added now and then ... Suzanne


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