Saturday, 23 January 2016

Hello DLP 2016 and other projects

This year's Original Documented Life Project is all about the 'unplanner'.  Although I'd love to be able to, I don't have the time that the whole 'unplanner' content would demand but the great thing about this project is it's flexibility - and I am able to use the weekly challenges in my Moleskine planner just like last year.

This is week #1 and I tried something new.  Taking inspiration from my daughter's laptop cover I tried a collage effect and added some co-ordinating card in the weekly header.

I've already fallen behind slightly with the challenges but that's ok.  My challenge this week was to include my own lettering on the page -it definitely improved the further down the page I got so I guess it'll get better over the weeks.

I had another type of  project keeping me busy over the Christmas break - a new letterbox!  I wish I'd taken a photograph of this when if first arrived as an ebay purchase as it was very dull - my husband polished it up and my job was to paint around the word 'letters'...

... which proved a touch tricky where the lower parts of the word were worn from many years of postman's fingertips pushing letters through.

My final 'other project' to share is one of my christmas presents ...

I LoVe Lego :)

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  1. I LoVe your JouRnaL page.. the robin is pretty good too.. lego's just so clever!!


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