Saturday 2 January 2016

goodbye DLP 2015

I had a little catching up to do yesterday, and completed all four of December's documented life project challenges in one day.  This month's theme was journaling and I used one of my leaf gelli plate prints to make my journaling central to the page.

For the quote challenge I used one of my Christmas presents,  the 'Life is good' stamp by Carabelle Studio .  I discovered that 'That's Crafty' have a wishlist option on their website :)

Hidden journaling was another challenge.  I came across part of an envelope in my box of papers. This must have originally said 'private and confidential' which I thought was appropriate for hiding journaling behind!

The journaling is hidden on the paper underneath the envelope.  I really enjoyed adding numbers to this page in a variety of ways, for no other reason than because I like numbers!!

My final page began life in a similar way to my Christmas cards.  I was supposed to tell my story but decided to do this with images rather than words.   Snowflakes are a recurring theme for me in my artwork at Christmas, and therefore part of my winter story.

I have always wanted to keep a diary and never got further than a month but by taking part in DLP I have managed to keep one for a whole year :)  I have missed the odd few days here and there but very few.  I didn't do so well with keeping up with the art challenges - missing the months May through to September - but I'm ok with that.  I did what I could.

My moleskine planner is nicely full - can't believe it started off life so thin (the planner at the bottom).  This worked really well for me this year so I'll be using the same format for 2016.  Although 2016 is the year of the un-planner, the format is flexible enough for me to continue with my moleskine :)

Happy New Year to all my visitors, thanks for taking the time to see what I've been up to :)


  1. Happy New Year, Sarah - love the end of your DLP project. I've just started the Wanderlust online course/challenge - will be interesting to see how I keep up with that!

    1. All the best with it! It's a great feeling at the end to know I've done a huge chunk of it, if not all! Gives me a goal for this year anyway , to do more than last!

  2. Fabulous pages! So pleased to see that you completed the year! Hope to see you soon! Happy New Year! Chrisx

  3. gorgeous pages Sarah. well done for keep it going for so long. I'm sure I couldn't. something lovely to look back on too.


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