Saturday 30 April 2016


I am finding it much easier lately to post on Instagram rather than my blog.  You'll find me over there @sarahthemoodler.  I rarely blog hop either these days, which is a shame, but I guess it's the immediacy of seeing and producing images onto Instagram that makes it so much more accessible. No laptop to start up, just a touch on my phone!

I've recently decided to play along as part of the 100 days project on Instagram.  I suspect that I'll end up doing a collage a day but I didn't want to restrict myself to this so am using the hashtag #100daysofbeing creative.

day one

I have a feeling that the most challenging time will be when we go away on holiday as this year that is abroad :)

day two

I'll just have to be prepared with some stamped out images, and other collage fodder in my suitcase!

day three

I have to say, the beauty of collaging everyday is that you can let it take from a few minutes to a lot longer.  This fits in well with my life as I often come home from work absolutely exhausted from a day in the classroom, so getting out my paints etc is a bit overwhelming..

day four

...but a bit of cutting and sticking is definitely do-able.

day five

Each day I've included the number for that day somewhere in the collage.  There are often other numerals there too but the day number will also be there somewhere.

day six

Some days have a bit more inkiness.  Days when I've had a bit more time or energy.

I'm rather liking having something different on each page of the journal.  I am using an A6 hardback watercolour sketchbook and including a variety of ephemera, as well as some stamped images.

day seven

day eight

day nine

day ten

day eleven

Today's page came about following on from last Saturday's Documented Life Project prompt. Numerals are my thing, I have to say!  

day twelve


  1. I did wonder why we hadn't seen much of you here - love your collages though, they look amazing.

  2. Loving these Sarah - glad you blogged them! Hugs, Chrisx ps Your house in CS is gorgeous! X

  3. Fantastic pages Sarah. Great to see them all in one place ♥♥ Nearly there at 100.. not long to go! xx


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