Saturday, 21 July 2018

Teeny Tiny Journaling

Probably about eight years or so ago I included some small journaling in one of my art journals ...

... and over the past few months I've wanted to get back to it, but hadn't found the right way, until now!

This teeny, weeny, traveller's notebook is made by Monica, on Instagram as, and available in Cafe Analog's Webshop.

It comes beautifully packaged in a tiny little box.

Being tiny, it makes it extremely portable (but you have to keep your eye on it so it doesn't get lost!).  I love being able to take a pencil case of papers, glue stick, scissors and pencil and journal wherever I am.

Gelli printed deli paper makes for a great background,

.. and it's a great place to use up the tiniest of snippets of paper!

The trouble is, Monica's produced some new colours ... I can feel a collection coming on, oh dear!!


  1. oh Sarah, how diddy, how beautiful!

  2. Looking through my boxes and came across a couple of teenies that I made after the 'burnt offering' worksop we did at Paddy's - can't remember when that was - can you?Ive been enjoying seeing your teeny tiny collages on IG! I always find working small is easier than working large! Chrisx


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