Sunday 28 June 2009

more afternoon bliss!

My daughter Sophie (12) and I spent the afternoon next to this lock near Marple, Stockport with our journals, just painting backgrounds. It was so relaxing, despite the rain. There's something about sitting in the rain when it's warm. The lock is one of a series of 16, all very close together, which I discovered by googling 'days out in lancashire'. It was only 20mins drive away and we'll definitely be returning :)

When I checked my phone I only had a handful of pictures from the Manchester Faculty of Art and Design degree show. My battery was going and I was hoping to go back with the kids but they weren't keen! I loved these ceramic pieces inspired by pebbles on the beach

and this piece was by someone doing a foundation degree. I love all the squares, and the texture of the piece.

The forecast is for a heatwave this week, temps up to 28deg. I don't do hot weather though so I may grab some time in my nice cool cellar sorting out my art materials, it's a tip and I really want to find my crackle paint ;)


  1. Thanks for stopping by Sarah, it is indeed a lovely way to meet people. I'm thrilled by it. I look forward to seeing more of your Arty Endeavours!
    Cal :>

  2. There you go...the circle of blogging life!
    And I looooove the new background!

    xx j


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