Tuesday 30 June 2009

playing with paint and scissors

I'm teaching a workshop on art journalling at Paddy's Stamping Place on Saturday 18th July and Tuesday 21st July '09 and have been working on a journal based on using rubber stamped images. I've been noting down the images I love and so today I worked on using houses -

I did the coloured background in the rain on Sunday and today I added dripped paint (I've been admiring artwork at my children's school using this effect, and Julie from The Land of Lost Luggage also uses this effect a lot). I think the piece is a bit busy but it's ok so is stopping in the journal!! I then discovered a gorgeous image of a Waybuloo character in the Radio Times. I love illustrations in children's picture books, and sketchy pencil drawings, but realised that these don't feature in my own artwork! Hmmm!

I'm much happier with this page. I scraped turquoise paint over it with a top-up card I got in Tesco. Aren't the phone companies generous giving away free paint tools ;) Then I pressed a fairly dry white ink pad down on the page and added some text stamping.


  1. Hey! Those are the houses you sent to me, aren't they?! I love your journal pages!

    xx j

  2. They are!! Glad you like them :)

  3. Love this Sarah - have booked into the workshop on 18th so will see you then if not before!
    Chris x


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