Tuesday 16 June 2009

what a week!

Hopefully this week'll be a bit calmer than the last one. I've had three close members of family visit A&E (hubby with knee infection but had to be checked for deep vein thrombosis; sister with suspected appendicitus; nephew cut head open falling on a step - they're all fine now), a daughter with a stomach virus, and I've been changing my tablets for depression as well as just having the plaster cast of my foot (it hurts, a lot!!) so all in all I've not managed any computer time never mind crafting!! However, I did make it to my 'contemporary canvas' class last Tues and since the last one is tonight I thought I'd better get my pics posted pronto!

I spent the evening adding texture to the canvas using wallpaper and polyfilla (spackle to my US friends I think!). I cut the flower from the wallpaper I am co-ordinating the canvas with and used it as a stencil to put the polyfilla through. I need to cut another one for tonight as I plan to paint the canvas, then stencil the flower again over the top.

I've also managed a bit of crocheting this last week. I find it helps when I'm feeling particularly 'edgy' ; then I read that apparently it's the new 'yoga' as the repetitive actions bring a state of calm! I've made up the pieces for a cupcake but haven't sewn it together yet. Last time I had a crochet moment I spent ages making flowers ...

I made one into a bag charm for a friend's birthday...


  1. Sarah,I'm exhausted just reading this! Poor you and all your family, hope they all remain illness and injury free for a long time now - you've all used up your quota of NHS attention for several years!
    Make sure you get plenty of that crochet-ing or new yoga time, but for heavens sake stay away from Pilates!
    Love Chris

  2. In all that I forgot to say how gorgeous your canvas is!
    Chris x

  3. I think your canvas is looking amazing! I haven't crocheted since I was in high school, but I think I might manage a go! Thanks for the inspiration in spite of the trials....j xx

  4. what a beautiful canvas Sarah. I love stencilling 'thick stuff' on canvas but I've never thought of using wall paper as a template... very inventive. It sound as if you've had a shocker of a week but at least you know how to chill. I hope things improved for you soon.

  5. Dear Sarah,

    Thank you so much for finding some time to share your great work with us once again, despite all the crises you've endured! Very best wishes and good thoughts,



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