Wednesday 28 October 2009

Steampunk Art Exhibition, Oxford

I just LOVED this exhibition and could have stayed looking at some of the pieces all day!  Not something my soon-to-be-fifteen son understood!  Although the children enjoyed it, they didn't want to stay as long as me. It's on 'til Feb '10 though so I may get another trip in, especially as I'm teaching at The Stamp Attic at the end of November :)

I didn't take loads of photos; I wasn't sure at first that you were allowed, but you could as long as flash wasn't used.  Don't you just love this dog?  And the same artist, Stephane Halleux, made some people too...

At the beginning of the exhibition there were some helmets and goggles, which were fun, but my very favourites were the clocks by Eric Freitas.  I would just love one of these in my house

In fact, there were a few pieces I would love in my house!  How funky to have such different pieces around.  I'd love to learn metalwork and clockwork so I could make something like this.

Sorry about the shadow on the wall, the pieces were brightly lit.  Aren't those words fabulous thought,' three' and 'six'.  Of course there were a lot more pieces but I don't want to spoil it for those who can visit.  I will share some more photos another day though.

It's my choice of colours for the play date cafe tomorrow.  The posts get published at midnight EST which is too early for me to get up, but those in the US will probably wait up to see them, I know the rest of the design team do :)  I've loved meeting lots of new people through this challenge this week, and would like to say a special thankyou to all those who visited my blog for the first time and/or became followers :)


  1. Thank you soooo much for sharing Sarah ... they really are wonderful pieces and so inspiring ... just wondering now if I could fit in a visit!

  2. Hi Sarah! Everything looked so cool! I really liked the dog and those clocks too. You know it all reminds me of Tim Burton's Nightmare Before Christmas in some strange way! =D Thanks for sharing your great trip! Hugs, Paulette

  3. Don't apologise for the shadows; they take the photo from being a photo of a piece of art to being a piece of art. Gorgeous.

  4. I can just see it are going to start metalsmithing, aren't you? As we seem to do all of our creative things together, I start looking for a welder's mask.....

  5. I feel a trip coming on.. thank you for showing:)

  6. Well it was amazing you found time to fit me in Sarah, it looks fab and I live here, so def going....did Doris and Gladys make it home okay lol shhhhh its a secret for now.

  7. looks like a fab exhibition and so nice that they let you take photos.

  8. Looks fabulous, wish I could get there.


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