Tuesday, 20 July 2010

I'm so 'chuffed' with myself...

...I drilled a hole in a spoon!!  Well, three spoons actually :)

I borrowed Tom's Dremel - it was cool (well hot actually, couldn't believe how hot the spoons got lol).  Tom's my fourteen year old son as of today.  Happy Birthday Tom!

My daughter Sophie finishes school tomorrow and her favourite English teacher is leaving to work in Australia.  Sophie wanted a special present for her, and I wanted a good reason to finally have a go at collaging on spoons.  I've see Kelly Perkins' work with spoons and loved it, and found this tutorial.

After drilling the holes (for which I should have used oil as a lubricant apparently!), I used alcohol inks to colour the spoons, then used glossy accents to add words and bits of collage.  The words, cut from a variety of old books, say

she went on her way

desiring an incredible adventure

with delicious excitement

The larger words are cut from a children's book, a tip I picked up somewhere!  Large print books are another good source.  

This is a quick card I made for the teacher, which includes some 7 gypsies rub-ons from The Stamp Attic.  And here's an arty something to make you smile - I had a meeting in this building in central Manchester on Monday...how cool are those stick men?  :)


  1. Love those collaged spoons, I'm sure Sophie's teacher will appreciate them too, what a neat gift!

  2. Your spoons are great! I have a spoon obsession too - I'm always collecting nice ones from the thrift stores to use in my art! Have you seen Nancy Maxwell James' ones? (Google Sugar Lump Studios).

  3. How cute are these? LOOOOOOOOVE them!! I'm now wanting a set of spoons for wind chimes or something for the wall!! FUN!!

  4. Love the spoons, what a great gift.

  5. What a fab tutorial - thnks for sharing. Your spoons are fab and I'm sure such an origional gift will be treasured.

  6. I adore the spoons. You are so inventive!!!
    A most unforgetable gift

    Take care with the oil though.
    (Must try out my drill- was a present ages ago and haven't had time to use it yet)

  7. yet another wonderful work of art :) thanks for sharing them! as soon as I get settled in my new home I will like to give this project a go !

  8. what an adorable idea! Great gift! Glad to be a new follower to your blog!

  9. Yet ANOTHER excuse to get my Dremel out : ) and just curious, why does TOM have a Dremel? : )

    Gorgeous projects all around and I'm with Sav...I have often thought about windchimes with spoons..thanks for the inspiration
    : )

  10. What great idea's you come up with.. all I want now is a Dremmel...
    love the spoons. workshop? I wonder!

  11. *Ca-THUNK!*

    WHAT an awesome teacher gift! What an awesome ANYONE gift! Your work is BEYOND inspirational - just raw, artistic delight! THAT'S what I'm talkin' about! Yipee!

  12. Fantastic card and present. Love that you drilled the holes. I have been tempted to go in the hubby's workshop. :)


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