Wednesday 23 March 2011

Oh no! Pedestrians!!!

I love that some things in my life are a bit bonkers!  Yesterday my Mum bought me ten 64l really useful boxes to help sort out my craft room.  We managed to fit nine in the car eventually but just couldn't fit that last one in - until we took the lid off it and put it over my head!  Didn't get a photo, but did get one of this:

My sister bought me a silver birch tree for my birthday and we were determined to get it home, even if I did have to lie back flat on the seat with the tree sticking out of the window over me!

Makes for fun birthday memories - thanks for the facebook birthday wishes, I had a fun, family filled day with gorgeous pressies and cards - a very definite cupcake and owl theme, some craft goodies and loaaaaaaaaads of books :)


  1. So glad you had a lovely birthday...I wish I could have been there to share all of these wonderful things with you : (
    Love you loads xx

  2. Belated HAPPY BIRTHDAY greetings Sarah! Glad you had a fab day and hope you managed to get your lovely silver birch tree home without too much damage. Take care:-)

  3. Happy birthday for yesterday?! You must have looked a treat in your "really useful hat"

  4. NUTTER!!!! LOL sounds like a fab birthday!!

  5. What fun memories! So glad you had a wonderful birthday! Cannot wait to see how you preserve those photos ;)!

  6. For some reason, you wearing a storage box as a hat doesn't surprise me :p

    Happy birthday :) x


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