Sunday, 20 March 2011

time to play

Did you know it's really good for you to take time to play?  To do something just because you enjoy doing it, rather than 'for' someone.  That's what I love about journalling - playing with paint and paper; cutting and sticking, ...

It takes me into a world of my own where I'm focused on colour, texture and shape, but also expands my creativity in the sense that I start using colour combos etc through 'happy accidents' that I never would have tried otherwise.

This envelope became a page in my accordion book - one end is for tucking tags, or maybe a little book inside, the other has been opened out and additional pages added.  I LoVe working with envelopes :) :) :)

Yesterday was going to be a 'lettering in journalling' workshop at Paddy's Stamping Place, but became a more general journalling workshop as most people hadn't done much, if any journalling before.  I love teaching like this, starting with where people are and taking them to or towards where they want to go.  For me, that's real teaching, and one of the reason's I won't be going back into teaching in schools yet, if ever, but let's not get me onto politics lol.  Apologies for not getting photos from people's work yesterday; and I really should have done, there was some great stuff produced!

I took some time working alongside everyone working in my own journal.  This is a small accordion one for Carol's challenge 'The Secret Garden'  

I do so love that Martha Stewart hydrangea punch (well, both of them lol, I have two!).

And there's a bit of Paper Artsy in there too from one of their Hot Picks plates.

If you take time out to just play today or over the next couple of days, let me know, I'd love to hear about it.  Get some paper, put some colour on it with paints, distress inks, spray inks, then stencil over it, stamp over it repeatedly to create pattern, then put a main image over the top - see, it's easy!


  1. Well, I did buy my first sketchbook journal yesterday, cos I have been thinking for a while I should start "journalling" so, who knows! I can see why you love that punch, and your colours are fab!

  2. Sure, it's easy! If you say so..... I tend to make journals that have creative covers but not much inside! Still, one day i'll get round to filling some of them too....

  3. Hi sarah....I did exactly that today and did a few journal pages just for the sake of it....really enjoyed myself. You know I think all your pages are stunning!

  4. Thanks for your lovely comment Sarah, much appreciated!

    Enjoyed your workshop despite not being very good at the writing, i have been doing the exercises you gave us and trying to s t r e t c h my letters... Have decided to a different word for my stem as it is going to work out so much easier...

    Looks like Saturday was a lot more fun, take care:-)

  5. Gorgeous work, Sarah. You always inspire me to get my paints out!!
    Sue xx

  6. Terrific colour blending and such fun. Have a great week, Annette x

  7. Sarah, it was a fabulous workshop on Saturday - we had a ball; you certainly know how to make learning new tricks fun! See you soon (without the crutches next time - tomorrow's the long-awaited plaster removal ...). Sarah & the kitties xx

  8. OHHHHH! What a beautiful journal! I loooooooooove it! I love that you make it look sooooo easy:) LOL! You are super amazing--LOVE you!

  9. Fantastic journal, and inspirational as always :)

  10. Hey that wrist tattoo looks familiar ;) lol had an awesome time last Saturday, def going to be starting my own journal

    See you soon xxx


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