Thursday 13 October 2011

lots and lots of teaching, of varying different kinds!

Tuesday evening saw me teaching the staff from Moorlands Junior School.  We masked a variety of shapes on plates and mugs then added dots for pattern.  They were a great group of people, and a number of them commented that they didn't normally like craft but that they'd really enjoyed themselves.  I can't wait for their pieces to come out of the kiln as I know they'll be impressed with what they made!

Then yesterday saw me teaching a Year 5 class at Moorlands.  In the afternoon I had an hour long art lesson followed by a flute lesson.  The art I was teaching, but the flute one I got to be a pupil too!!  I can now play the notes B, A and G on the flute, how cool is that!

After reading 'Ish' by Peter Reynolds to the class I did some 'one liners' followed by some blind contour drawings aka Carla Sonheim :)  These nine and ten year olds were keener to have their drawings 'look' like the real thing but did give it a go.  Bob's one liners above were my favourite - he was the only one not tempted to trace back along the lines...and he really looked for his blind contour drawings of a dragonfly and a butterfly!

I did mine on text paper...

... and added coffee stain around the outside of the image.

I did a deal with the class, if they did one blind contour drawing, they could have a second piece of paper to do a drawing whilst looking!!

After getting my books marked at school I hotfooted it to the Bean and Brush to teach my Autumn Platter.  I love how different they all are!  How fab is that 'keep calm' one!  The lady brought  a print out of the words and crown which she turned into a stencil, then masked the words underneath (...and drink wine!)

They'll all be heading for the kiln tomorrow once the Moorlands' pieces are out :)

Now for a bit of a rest today, and some journalling as relaxation :)


  1. Everyone certainly look as though they are concentrating on their task!! Hope you you will show the finished items! Your Autumn platters look absolutely gorgeous! Glad you are enjoying your teaching! Now to those journals - Now I said!!!
    Lots of hugs, ChrisXxx

  2. oh my, where to start? First, I love "Ish" and isn't it a wonder of a book. The drawings on book paper are fabulous and aren't you a peach for working with kids? Lovely, lovely post, m'dear!

  3. Wow! Amazing plates!

    Sounds like you are really busy & having great fun. :-)

    Hope you have a lovely weekend. Gez.xx


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