Sunday 30 October 2011

November is Art Every Day Month

I saw this over on Bonita Rose's blog 'A Life Unrehearsed' and for some reason, despite starting a new job, I decided it would be a great thing to join in with :)  If you fancy joining in too, you sign up here.  There's no pressure, just a good challenge to have a go at.  I've invested in some luggage tags so that's going to be my minimum, and hopefully by the end of the month I'll have completed a number of them and maybe some pages and pockets for them to go into :)

From next week I'll still be working at the Bean and Brush but only for two days a week (Wednesday and Friday); the other three days I'm teaching in a local special school.  I'll be working in a few different classes as I'm covering teachers' preparation time.  I'm really looking forward to being back in school, although the break has done me a tremendous amount of good.

I've just finished prepping next month's 'technique of the month' - zendoodling on bisque!  Very relaxing I have to say and I can't wait to see this little piggy when he comes out of the kiln all bright and shiny :)  For each technique I make a step by step photo guide so people can refer to it in the studio...

Think this red and white coaster will look very different when it comes out of the kiln too!  

I'm always looking for inspiration and found these on Etsy ...

... beautiful hand doodled pottery by Polly Harvey.


  1. You had to post that link, didn't you!
    In a moment of madness I've just added my name to the list - so now I'll actually have to do something! Eeeek!

  2. I nearly forgot too!! Glad you're joining in too, we can encourage one another lol

  3. your doodles on your pig came out great! I think this could be addicting! Very n ice indeed! Patsy from


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