Saturday 2 November 2013

a little book

 I wanted to make a little journal as a gift for someone and a large tag in my tag box caught my eye!

I smooshed paint, stenciled and stamped both sides of the tag, which I'd pre-folded ..

... and after adding some 'shrooms', discovered that I'd put them on upside down.  Hmm, make a backwards book or ...???

I trimmed the end of the tag, added some sari ribbon and stitched it onto the other end of the tag!

Now the book has additional texture :)

I used pamphlet stitch to add the pages inside, and a ribbon long enough to tie around the book to keep it closed.

All in all a very happy couple of hours, and a gift in the post to a friend.  Hope you've had a lovely evening and have time for some creative craftiness this weekend.


  1. The tag book looks great - I love that stencil and the giant 'shroom has been on my wish list for too long! I do hope to get crafty this weekend - but it's the Christmas cards that need doing...

  2. Suoerb. Love it when a mistake turns into a great addition and focal point.

  3. oh yes... the happy accident. lucky the person who receives that gorgeous little book Sarah.

  4. Beautiful little book - love it when a minus becomes a plus (helps MY maths no end!!!) this just looks so good! Chrisx

  5. Wonderful design Sarah on the journal cover.

    Hugs Diane

  6. Nice save!
    You wouldn't catch me doing a page upside down.Honest ;)


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