Monday, 9 November 2009

a new art journal

I finally got round to putting together an art journal tonight.  I took all the bits n pieces I needed to the climbing centre when we took George, and Sophie and I settled ourselves at a table in the cafe.  She made this gorgeous print...

She was really, really pleased with it!

Inspired by Sue I used old book covers on my journal, then used a mixture of papers of various sizes inside.  Apart from putting it together back to front (I didn't have the instructions for the Zutter with me!!!) I'm really happy with it.  Can't wait to start painting :)  Better pics tomorrow, this is one of the work in progress...


  1. That's dear 'little' Sophie? She is SO grown!

    What a lovely thing for her to love doing what you do!

  2. Not surprised Sophie is so pleased with her print-it's gorgeous! Colours are great too.
    Fliss xx

  3. That is a gorgeous print Sophie made! ~Diane

  4. What a lovely daughter you have, Sarah! You're inspiring me to do a journal--something I haven't done yet...I'll keep coming back for inspiration!

  5. Cool page Sophie!! Glad to have been of inspiration Sarah, looking forward to seeing the journal in person tomorrow!! :)

  6. Sophie's print looks lovely, and so does your journal. When do we get to see some completed pages?!


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