Saturday, 14 November 2009

a dream come true! ;)

It's a good job I consider Paddy a good friend!!!  Look at that mug she gave me today ;)  The really worrying thing is it's true :)

I was on Sue Roddis' 'Trees and Angels' workshop and had a fabulous time.  I won't say too much as I know some people who read my blog are booked on the workshop on Weds.  You're in for a great day.  The techniques are very relaxing, just what I needed today; and Sue's samples are stunning as always so you'll really be inspired .  And I realised a long held dream!!!

Since taking a journal with me to Julie's Art Stamp Cafe eight years ago, I have wanted to work on a journal page whilst taking a workshop.  Normally I make notes and splatter paint etc in my ideas journal but today I took my play journal and painted a few pages with the colours I used on my trees and angel.  YAY!  And it only took eight years, how embarrassing!!

Not a great photo I'm afraid, and it's not finished, but here is the most complete of one of my trees.  It is possible to finish pieces in the workshop, as long as you don't work as slowly as me and keep stopping to talk :)  Thanks for a great workshop Sue, and I'll definitely be playing more with these tomorrow :)


  1. WoW! That piece looks amazing. Sounds like a wonderful workshop to be on at the moment.

    Love the mug, too! It's nice when people are THAT comfortable to give a fun little pressie like that?!

  2. I don't get to keep it, unfortunately!!! Just had my tea out of it all day. I also noticed she didn't give me the 'almost normal' mug!!!;)

  3. So fabulous, Sarah! That would have been a fun workshop! I don't usually get much done while working with friends--you did better than I would have, I think! Have trouble thinking, doing and talking at the same time....and I do love to talk! Hope you're having a wonderful weekend with your family!

  4. WOW!! so beautiful.. LOVE the mug too.. sounds like a wonderful workshop.. so much fun.. HUGS

  5. looks like a real fun workshop. i've got my first one booked with Sue in December!

  6. That pic of that tree does not do it justice in any way, it was absolutely gorgeous! It was Sarahs version of my ide; I love it when my ideas are adapted to suit the person making the piece, for me that's what it is all about :)

  7. Glad you enjoyed the workshop, wanted to go but was otherwise engaged. The tree looks fab !

  8. Sounds like a great workshop Sarah, I love the tree, are they little bells on there too?

    Looking forward to seeing you on Thursday!

    Jill x

  9. Cute tree, sounds like you had an amazing day. ~Diane

  10. I do love to talk! Hope you're having a wonderful weekend with you Work from home India

  11. Now thats my kinda mug lol

    The workshop looked fun
    a very tree-mendous project :)

    hugs minxy


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