Wednesday 2 December 2009

it's snowing!!

Only on my blog though, unfortunately!  These little full stops and apostrophes falling as snow are pretty close to what it looks like if it does ever snow in Manchester ...just floaty bits in the air that take a while to stick. 

Don't forget play date tomorrow; I got to play with new stamps to make this week's challenge :)


  1. I raced right over because I was stunned that you would have snow at the moment!

    We are supposed to have snow tonight into tomorrow. 9 degree c yesterday for us....mmmm ZERO c tonight!

  2. My favourite snow occasion happened in Manchester. My mum and dad picked me up at the airport on Christmas Eve morning. By the time we got to the house it had started to snow. Magical! Just magical. Even in Manchester!

    And now I'm home sick!

  3. So great. Loving the snow flakes. I see over on PDC you have succumbed to a Wendy Vetch plate of stamps. Am I now the only person without one?


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