Thursday 17 December 2009

pdcc#9 or "when life throws a tantrum..."


I've been crocheting madly this past week with the stress from work (I'm not even there!!).  Crochet is the new yoga you  know!!  [Actually it's very good for you as it is a repetitive action with lots of sensory input ie the texture of the wool etc] I've been crocheting a scarf made up of flowers for my sister's Christmas present so when my brain was finally able to work creatively late last night I decided to crochet something for my Christmas tree using the Play Date Cafe Challenge colours this week.

My husband fell about laughing when I said I was crocheting something for the Christmas tree!  I don't think he gets my love of fluffy things on the tree.  Even my youngest son (13) is missing our fluffy white Christmas star that topped the tree for many years but finally died from damp last year.

These colours intrigued me as I love cream and gold together, and I love blue.  Blue is definitely one of my colours.  But I usually put blue with silver!  Yet I love the image Jules posted for the challenge. 

I'd like to play with this colour combo some more, with paint/stamping.  Have an idea; whether I have the time in the near future is another matter!

Special thanks to Sandi who gave me the idea for the blog post title!  It was just spot on!!


  1. Oh my what a fab fluffy tree thingy!! I love it!! It will fit on your tree so well!

  2. Oh, Sarah! I love this--so sorry work is hideous, but look what it drove you to create! I really AM sorry about work, though...makes life feel out of sorts when that's not going well! It will get better, though!

    Besides stamping, knitting big, fat, wooly, nubby scarves is what relieves stress for me--got one sitting in my chair right now, just waiting for me to finish it!

    Glad you like the colors--can't wait to see what else it is you have in mind!

    Much love to you, Sarah--hang in there!

  3. Hi Sweetie! First, thank you so much for your lovely birthday wishes! Now...I love your crocheted piece! You are so darn creative, Sarah! It's just beautiful and those colors are divine together also!...Sorry you're having a rough go, keep your chin up, and that sweet smile on your face, and you'll be just fine! Sending a big hug, =D xo

  4. Oh Sarah.. this is beautiful.. I LOVE fluffy things too and wow this is just amazing.. I am sorry life is so stressfull right now.. :( eat lots of CHOCOLATE :) lol HUGS

  5. Ahh! how pretty. Hope your day gets better!

  6. This is fabulous Sarah! I just love fluffy things too and home made decorations. I'm in the middle of several though stamped. Strangely enough, I got talking to a lady in a fabric and knitting shop the other day who teaches crochet and I was thinking of going as I haven't done any for ages-my technique is somewhat rusty!
    Have a great Christmas. Fliss x

  7. LOL, Sarah, love your answer to life's tantrums and oh the swag for your tree, divine, you hang in there and just keep crocheting until it gets better, Hugs

  8. I love handmade and vintage items on my tree too, this looks lovely! Happy Holidays! ~Diane

  9. how funny, I've got caught up in crochet too = mainly amigurumi(!) Love your tree thingy Sarah. Gorgeous colours for this week's PDC theme.

  10. Great (and unusual) idea for a fab Christmas Tree decoration. It looks great, as do the colours !

  11. Better late than never...for BOTH of us! : )

    I love this idea and the way you incorporated the color combo for this week was inspired!


  12. Beautiful decoration for the tree!


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