Sunday 20 December 2009

real fab!

We don't get good snow very often, the clouds usually tip it on the hills surrounding Manchester before they get to us.  But we got some today :) 

We had a bit of snow yesterday but it had gone by the evening, washed away by Manchester rain.  But we woke up to that special silence snow brings, and the excited voices of the little ones next door, which hinted that it had snowed again.  I have to say though, it was a lovely surprise to see how white it was out there.
[unfortunately we don't live in that yummy b/w house but the house in the middle above with the beech tree in the garden - still a gorgeous house though!]

Gyp loves catching snowballs (and eating them) but was rather surprised to discover that it was a bit slippy out there.  Frozen rain from last night meant treacherous road and pavement conditions.  But we were ok building a snowman!

And I made it out for lunch with some girlfriends from school.  Look at these snowmen in a shop window we went past, fab are those hats!!

With all our December birthdays over [my youngest nephew was one yesterday :)], I settled down to getting a bit further with my Christmas cards. 

I partially cuttlebugged the white card with the snowflake EF, and mounted the pieces I'd made at Paddy's last week on her batch card workshop.  I loved making these, Paddy comes up with some amazing techniques :)

I'm adding stitching to mine so it's the sewing machine out tomorrow.  Which is good, as I've got some Christmas presents to make!!


  1. That snow did look fab in the early morning Sarah ! Those cards are lovely and saw some of Paddy's fantastic cards when I called in last week ! She has some fab ideas for very creative techniques !

  2. What a gorgeous place you live in, Sarah--looks just magical in the snow! Love your cards, too--just beautiful! Hope you're having a wonderful Christmas week!

  3. Sarah, it's all sooo beautiful!!! I'm so happy you got some snow... we did too! Your Christmas cards are just stunning...and your little doggie is just so adorable! Love those snowmen peeking out that window wearing those great hats, and the special one you guys built too! What fun! Hugs, xoxo

  4. The snow looks so pretty until you have to get anywhere in it. take care on those pavements, I fell over and cut my lip this morning on my way to work!!

  5. Sarah, oh what a festive scene that snow creates, be careful and those cards are wonderful. Hugs

  6. Oooo gorgeous houses, and I LOVE your cards.

  7. I believe I am about due for another stay in 'the manor', don't you?!

    Looks lovely and I am glad that you were able to enjoy a bit of snow. We are expecting another 4" on top of the foot we still have...Merry Christmas! haha



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