Monday 28 June 2010


I'm so excited to be teaching at Elements in September.  It's being organised by Paddy Cosgriff of Paddy's Stamping Place in Prestwich, Manchester.  Paddy owns a quirky little shop on Butterstile Lane, Prestwich which sells the most amazing items for the mixed media artist.  I have learnt a lot from Paddy over the years and am so thrilled to be involved with  her first mixed-media crafting weekend. We've got such a diverse mix of ingredients within our project that the techniques being taught are very varied and up to the minute.

There are 6 tutors in total, and each tutor is focusing on a different 'element' of the piece.  Becca Balazs is working with fabric.  She owns  'Becca's Quilt Emporium' in Dorset and hosted our corset display last year (see my post here).  


Then there's Neet Hickson who will be teaching techniques with makin's clay.  Neet does a lot of  wonderful work with clay of all types, and teaches regularly at Paddy's Stamping Place.  


Kay Halliwell-Sutton is another regular tutor at the shop who does brilliant workshops with mdf pieces.   And last, but not least, I will be working with perspex, Paddy with metal, and my great friend Helen Jackson with mixed media.

I LoVe teaching workshops and have just come home from teaching for two days at Wendy's Stamp Attic.  I'll get those pics posted for you seeon as it was a fabulous weekend, and I found my cable - YAY!  It had been appropriated by my 15 year old son!!!


  1. way to go :) Can't wait for you to share the entire piece!!

  2. Elements is being hosted by Paddy but you my dear MUST take some credit for putting your expertise in their on the organizing bit : )

    For those who have not taken a workshop with Sarah Anderson, RUN, do not walk, to sign up for this weekend! xx

  3. I would really like to attend Elements as it will be an awesome workshop! The tutors taking part are all wonderful in their own specialised fields and i can't wait to see what everyone who attends creates.

    I've put a link on my blog page to yours just in case anyone drops by:-)

  4. Good for you great news wasn't so bad weather wise in the end was it lol. Preswich is quite far from me and I don't know it that well sounds like a fabby shop though do they have a shop on line? I will try the link on yr side bar.

    Have fun, I will have to have another look round too on yr blog

    Love Dawn xx


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