Sunday, 10 October 2010


The art exhibition on Friday night was a wonderful mixture of professional and amateur artists.  Alan's oil paintings are exquisite in their detail, although I can't say some of the subject matter is to my taste!

Now these, by Kaz Markham were very me.  I bought the one in the bottom left of this image :)  How cute are those houses :)  My sister bought the circular one!

I love the idea of this metal clock, going to have a play around that idea!

Sad I know but it was great having proper titles (and prices) under my canvases!

I sold my favourite painting on the night - the green one above.  

The 'joy' canvas above is one of my new favourites :)  The exhibition stayed up all weekend so I don't yet know if I made anymore sales.  The Mustard Tree charity is based in a large warehouse and when I was setting up, I decided that the stains on the floor would benefit from the artistic touch :)

Such  fun!!!  So if you have stains on your carpet, don't get out the Vanish, turn them into monsters instead LOL


  1. Such an eclectic array of art, especially the google eyes on the new carpet Annette x

  2. I love your canvases Sarah. What a small world! My sister Maria was also exhibiting there this weekend. I recognise some of her work from your photos - in fact I think the metal clock is hers.

    I didn't go because of it being Port Sunlight on Saturday, but wish that I had done now. (Although I couldn't have bought anything, having spent all my pennies on Saturday)!

    Lynn Wild x

  3. Congrats on the sale!!! Yeehhhh!!

  4. Well done on your sale, hope you got some more. Love the coffee stain alteration!!

  5. The painting you sold is can always make another if you miss it...and how fab to see art where art is the way you dressed up the stains
    Sue xx

  6. SOOOOOOOOOOO fun, Sarah:) Love love love your paintings!! Fabulous job---and hooooray for selling:) Love those eyes on the stains! SO FUNNY!! Great job, Sarah:)

  7. haha I love the carpet monster!!! what a funny extra touch

  8. So now that you are even a bigger "Shelebrity" will you still think of us humble crafters...? ;)))) Beautiful collection Sarah, I love the green canvas, the new owner should be proud! Congratulations! I love the carpet stain monsters, too! xx


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