Sunday, 30 January 2011

I am blessed with a full and busy life..

...but I do wish I had more hours in the week to get things done!  This past week I've spent quite a bit of time with friends, which is lovely, and doing paperwork and going to meetings which isn't so lovely!  Oh, and Monday was spent at Paddy's doing one of Sylvia Wood's amazing textile workshops, 'Burnt Offerings'
[by the way, Paddy now has an active blog :)  find her here]

We burnt, stitched, heated, combined a variety of textiles and came away with a tiny book of gorgeousness...

I gave mine a love theme :)  I'm going to add more bits to it, and it has spaces for tags and weenier books.



I love using my sewing machine to draw with, and adding little snippets and fragments to miniature books so it was a blissful day for me :)

I am very lucky to live near to 'Creative Recycling', an art gallery run by a group of artists who use recycled materials as a central part of their work.  I introduced a friend to this artistic space on Thursday and we had a fabulous time.

The gallery now has an outdoor space with sculptural pieces made from recycled items.

I've wanted to make metal flowers for my garden for ages but am waiting to learn how to manipulate and combine large sheets of metal.  Until then, I can easily use my collection of rusted bottle tops, wire and tin cans to make some smaller flowers like these :)

And I have an area of garden too shaded and dry for much to grow so I'm now saving my coloured glass bottles :)  Even better, sherry comes in blue bottles so maybe I'll just have to get some more now it is a paving material lol

This pond is actually made from waste glass from the framing service offered by the gallery.  The glass is fused and used in pictures as a collage element, although here it serves as a frozen pond for these fabulous ducks :)

Some people are so talented :)


  1. Creative REcycling looks a wonderful place, and so does your glass pond!

  2. Your book looks AMAZING, wow. you definately had fun collaging that together I'm sure. Creative recycling looks like a cool place to visit. Maybe i'll need to plan a holiday around that area one day!

  3. So add THIS place to the list for my tour when I arrive ; )
    Your book is absolutely aMAZing!!! xx

  4. So much talent and inspiration on one posting.
    I love your book; that is exactly my cup of tea. I am going to make one...with lots of organza etc that I have been collecting. I have burned paper lately but not yet fabric.

    The idea for recycling in the garden well, all those ideas are amazing. We have three boxes full of smashed double-glazing you think I could make a pond or would it need to be fused?
    You realise I expect you to know all of the answers.

    Your book is to die for!!!!!!!
    Sue xx

  5. Love your textile piece, gorgeous and of course I love the heart. I have always wanted to do something in iron or metal for the garden so I can see the appeal. Love the glass pond, very unique. Can't wait for Spring so I can get back in the garden, only problem then is fitting everything into a day. Mind you I don't know how you fit everything into your day. Tracy Evans x

  6. Love all the layers on your pieces from the workshop Sarah - Amazing work!

    Oh that gallery looks FAB!!!
    thanks for sharing, I really love how they upcycled the coloured glass bottles - brilliant!

  7. OH MY! I love your stitching--it is super cute! LOOOOOOOVE your upcycling--you are so amazing and talented! You are blessed--PRAISE GOD:) And thank you for sharing your talents with us!! LOVE YOU!

  8. Sarah - what a fab workshop you did with Sylvia - the book looks so amazing and textural. Wish I had been there. The recycling looks good too so I think I need to pay a visit at some time as I would love some of these things for our garden too.
    Just to let you know that whilst I am envious of your workshop with Sylvia I am going to make you envious of a workshop I did the other day - with the girl who wrote the Steampunk book you told me about. Are you going green?


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