Tuesday 5 April 2011

Big Day at The Bean & Brush...

...the kiln gets delivered and installed today!!!  How exciting is that :)  Unfortunately the building work is just in its final stages so we can't play with the kiln just yet.  I snuck in at the end of last week and took some pics.

Last time I was in this staircase wasn't there.  The kiln is going on the other side of the staircase, but the exciting bit is that the stairs lead to my new home :)  It's up on the mezzanine that we'll be doing all the creative, crafty things :)

It's really not easy to see from this pic but it's a good size space, with great light from two floor to ceiling windows.

This is next to the staircase and looks out onto the cafe, although this will be glazed for safety purposes very soon.   One of the things I really love about the building is the grey industrial brick.  It's GoRGeouS!

Each time I drive past the building has changed as the builders begin to work on the finishing touches. It's a really long, thin building and the mezzanine is right at the back at the end.  The whole building used to be the sorting office, with the Post Office on the main road at the front, until a larger PO was built across the road in the 1930s.  I'm really enjoying finding out the history of the building, especially as I grew up in Sale, and live only ten minutes walk from the Bean & Brush :)


  1. This is such an exciting time for you and I can't wait to hear stories coming from this experience! x

  2. What a great space, lovely that they are using an old building - and what an exciting challenge for you. Good Luck!!

  3. Hi Sarah
    Thanks for your caring comment on my blog. I did write you and whoopeee note when I heard about your new job, but I was on my old laptop, and it just shuts down when I try to put in any word verification. Now I am on the big one I can. This is the perfect job for you and also they are so lucky to have found the perfect person. I am even more thrilled it is so close to you too! I am certain you will enjoy it.
    Good Luck!

  4. I can hear the excitement in your voice, Sarah! (well, your writing) I'm happy for you. :)

  5. Looks fab in there Sarah and what a fab layout. Can feel your excitement about your new job and so glad you can walk to work:-)

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