Wednesday, 6 April 2011


I've not managed a WOYWW for ages!  I've spent the day working on canvases for an exhibition on Friday - talk about last minute!!!  But somehow that's how I usually work best!

I've been busy trying to get my craft room into a reasonable shape before I start my new job and of course working on canvases this size also meant it was beneficial to get the room sorted before I started work on my exhibition pieces.

I'm still organising my really useful boxes, and really useful 'hat', but they have already made an enormous difference to the tidiness of the room!

Gluing the shelves in before turning this IKEA bookcase on its side has meant I have much more light in the room :)

I treated myself to a birdcage from Dunhelm this week.  I've wanted one for aaaaaaaaaages :)  Whilst researching weddings for wedding plate designs for the bean and brush I came across a gorgeous picture of a bride and groom with birdcages decorated with flowers and beads above their heads - the inspiration for mine!  Mine still needs more adding to it...

There are loads of other desks, and some rooms, to peruse over at The Stamping Ground :)


  1. Thanks for stopping by....I see by your clock that I am up way past my bed time....but it will be O.K.
    Thanks for stopping by. I enjoyed seeing your workspace and really like the Ikea shelves look ever so organized. The bird cage is a delight, as well.

  2. Wow - that's some organisation you have going on there Sarah. Know what you mean about running on adrenelin (running on someone else's at the moment)
    I got two birdcages bought for my birthday and still have not got around to decorating - yours is beautiful and might spur me on.
    Did you see my spoons - gave you a mention as the idea was from a blog of yours ages ago which I loved.

  3. Very nice work space. Love all the storage and organization. I work best running a tight schedule. I don't have a birdcage but it definitely looks interesting. Thanks for sharing. Vickie #88

  4. Hope you will show the canvases when done. Brilliant idea to turn shelving 90 degrees. Can't have too much light!
    Sue x

  5. Love that birdcage, and what a great twist on the shelf unit! Hope yu've got on well with your canvases today too!

  6. your room looks lovely and light good idea for the shelving might try that. your birdcage is soooo girly. good luck with your exhibition

  7. What a beautiful birdcage! Reminds me of when I got married- we had a birdcage but I refused to put doves inside.We had candies instead and when it was opened, the kids swooped for it.

  8. Glad you've got more daylight back to your desk. That birdcage is gorgeous; I keep thinking I must go to Dunelm at some point and you've motivated me to make it sooner rather than later.



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