Saturday, 16 April 2011

I have had...

... the most fabulous day down at The Cubby Hole!  I taught a felting workshop for the first time and although the table started off fairly empty and most un-Sarah like, by the afternoon we'd got lots of supplies around and about and we all felt (ha ha, pun not intended but funny so I'm leaving it!!) much more comfortable.

Still no phone, so no pics as yet :(  Hoping Tracy'll blog her pieces so I can nick her pics, although I have caused her a massive amount of money today as she fell in love with my embellisher.  


  1. Great workshop and yes you have coat me a fortune LOL. I did not have my camera phone so I will only have my pieces will that be ok LOL. Can't wait for my machine now. Tracy x

  2. Oh ek it's late that was supposed to say cost not coat der! Tracy x

  3. lol - I'm very glad I haven't seen an embellisher in action. I feel I might end up with the same problem.

  4. Soo jealous! My day consisted of taking things to OXFAM and tip. Mind you, we did find find time for a little walk around the winter garden at Dunham and afternoon tea! Thanks for my stamp, will try and catch up with you somewhere - hope you find your phone soon!! Is it lost in your ironing pile??!!


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