Thursday, 14 April 2011

in the play date cafe this week...

...I went AWOL!  Why?  Because I mislaid my phone on Sunday and still haven't found it.  With the kids off I was already losing track of days, now I'm discovering my brain really doesn't work without my mobile - I forgot it was Wednesday yesterday!!!  And no pics cos I use my mobile phone camera - HeLP!!!


  1. Errr... shall I risk a question whether you tried to call your mobile....? lol ;)) Hope you will find it soon, you can't keep us without piccies for too long! hugs xx

  2. Ooops Sarah wondered why you had been so quiet. Hope you get sorted soon and find a brain that helps you to remember lol.
    Take care:-)

  3. Not like you to be dizzy enough to lose something!
    Hope you find it soon, would have rung your home number but ...I've lost it!!! Take care, Chrisx


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