Sunday 21 October 2012

a journal page after a day out in the autumn sunshine

Not that my page bears aNY resemblance to my day out!  I had this page spare in my journal,

and a pile of printed and painted tissue paper to play with and that's what happened.  Although after spending time out in the sunshine surrounded by such gorgeous colours I should have been doing a journal page in reds, yellows, oranges, pinks, with tumbling leaf shapes - it will happen, it just needs to 'sit' in my head for a little while first!

We are very lucky to live extremely close to Dunham Massey, a beautiful National Trust property with acres of deer park, a huge house and a garden.  [Oh, and a great restaurant too ;) ]

[those grey clouds threatened but we stayed dry, and it stayed sunny!]

My journal called my name when I was on my way up to bed!  I decided to splash a bit of paint on the page so it would be dry for more playing with in the morning.

 Of course what actually happened was I played much longer than I intended, and added very little this am.

At first I thought it was way too busy but it's growing on me!  I tried taming it down a little by painting over some sections (well, one, I really don't like painting over work, although I know it often improves things!)

This is a bit like 'spot the difference'!  I added some white to the collage lines in the top left corner, then felt it was a bit disjointed so added some blue stencilling

I may add some doodling, or some pencil shading.  We stopped at Hobbycraft on our way home from Dunham (I needed some paper) and I had a little play with some new Faber Castell pencil crayons.  I do not need any pencil crayons, I have tonnes, but these were so yummy.  I behaved myself and didn't buy any but mean to dig mine out from wherever their hiding!

Enjoy your Sunday, it's beautifully sunny again here today :)


  1. Love the pages in your journal - and the photos you took too, it looks a lovely place.

  2. Really love the colour combination and to me I wouldnt say there is too much, its just how you felt at the time.

  3. I absolutely love the new journal page, it's beautiful! If that's what a little bit of nature can motivate you to do (this stunning, amazing artwork), then you should get outside before each of your journaling sessions. Thanks for sharing it with us and for the inspiration.

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