Friday 16 May 2014

luxuriant moustaches

I mentioned in my last Stampotique post that I was itching to colour in these cheeky monsters, so that's exactly what I did for this week's project.

I love the idea of boring beige coloured monsters sprouting (or maybe they dye them, maybe it's all a ruse?!!!) fantastically coloured moustaches.  The inspiration for the background came from a paper gift bag ...

.. so I started by pasting down strips of brown paper then added some simple pencil lines.

I used watercolour paints to add colour to my monsters ...

... and created some coloured strips of watercolour paper whilst I had the paints out.

After colouring my monsters and cutting them out, I stamped them a number of times so I could cut out the moustaches.

There was a lot of fussy cutting involved with this page, but then, that's ideal when you've got your feet up post op!!

Stampotique Stamps used:

"French Journal Page?!!!!!" I hear you ask?  Yes, it's on there, can you spot it?


  1. Hope you are recovering well... When you said colour in the moustaches last time, for some reason I didn't think "colour" but moustache colour, black or brown (DOH!) - you are of course right, they look great!!

    Take care, hope you are back up and around soon. xx

  2. These did make me smile when I saw them, love the moustaches. Hope you are feeling better. Elizabeth xxx

  3. So totally brilliantly clever, Sarah!!! Love those colorful mustaches, but it is actually the use of the paper bag papers that I find so intriguing. And, yes, I see the script! Your dudes are standing on it (likely stamped right side up then upside down)!

  4. fab Sarah. innovative as ever! hope your recovering speedily x

  5. hI love it over here!
    whatever you're recovering from,
    I do hope it's a quick mend.
    thanks for the beautiful inspire,

  6. Ha! Ha! These fellas really are so cute, love the coloured mustachios!! Chrisx

  7. I hope the feet up and resting is going well and you are recovering!
    Love the page you created with the watercolours!


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