Wednesday 10 February 2010

Inspired by...

Kelly Rae Roberts!

I had a play date on Monday with Sue, the Jabberwocky of blogland, and our friend Helen.  Last week we worked on our 365 calendar pages but decided to try something different this week.  Kelly Rae's book 'Taking Flight' has some great step by step photographs and included some techniques we'd not tried before so we decided to use this as inspiration.

We all used the same background technique on our pieces - layering pieces of scrapbook papers down then brayering over them with acrylic paints.  Helen [above] worked on an angel image to go over her background, whilst Sue added Alice:

I used a circular canvas and drew some flowers, before adding a butterfly made with polymer clay.

[please note that this photo is only here as I know Julie will complain if it isn't!  plus I'm trying to face the reality of the weight I put on last year due to medication!! lol]

Sue's a fast worker so had pretty much finished by the end of the afternoon!  I just had to coat my canvas with gel medium, and add wire antennae to the butterfly.  Helen's angel needed painting still.

Sue stamped into texture paste to give that great effect on Alice's body.  I used the large butterfly from Elusive Images' Patchwork Butterfly plate [also available now at Paddy's Stamping Place]  and stamped it into polymer clay, a technique Kelly Rae shares in her book.

We had a fantastic play date.  Thankyou Kelly Rae for some true inspiration :)


  1. I was just getting worried that you 'weren't a real boy'...well, you know.

    Looks like a good time was had by all and you are still beautiful!

  2. Love the butterfly! All round great work - looks like you had a lovely day.

  3. Yeh!! We had a great day though I think some older woman snuck into my photo!

  4. Wow you guys were really productive weren't you... lovely work from you all...xoxo

  5. Looks like you all had a great day playing, love what you made!

  6. Lovely Sarah-those flowers are super. nice to see some of Helen's work too -what a great piece

  7. How gorgeous these all are - looks like you had a great time. Kelly Rae inspired you, and now you have inspired us.
    BTW you all look as gorgeous as your artwork, and I agree it's lovely to see some of Helen's work.
    Re your comment on my blog, I have seen Carol's altered box today, it's very lovely, but as yet unfinished. I shall nag.
    I spent this afternoon teaching her basic crochet stitches as she wants to do flowers "like Sarah's" (and maybe an owl).

  8. Play dates are the best times...doing something you love with like-minded mates...
    And wow - you all produced some great art!

  9. These are lovely works of Art, all of them. You look like you had a great time making them too. I love the large patchwork butterfly, it's one of my favourites, but I've not tried stamping ut into clay, I will give it a go. Judith x


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