Friday 16 April 2010

more art journaling

It's a busy teaching week for me this week but I'm loving it!  I taught my Art Journaling 3 class for the first time yesterday, over at Paddy's Stamping Place.  We made little books to tuck inside our journals, decorated tags and looked at different things we could write about in our journals.  I'm not a big writer but I do like snippets of stuff in my journal like quotes/sayings, or little stories based around an image.  It was great using the new distress inks to make pieces for our journals.  The above gorgeous yumminess is Chris's.  She's teaching on Saturday at Paddy's and I got to see her pieces in the 'flesh'.

How gorgeous is this?  These stash boxes are exquisitely put together and Chris won The Play Date Cafe one week with one, hence the class!!    There are a couple of spaces left so if you're interested, contact Paddy [see link in sidebar to the right]

Anyway, back to my class, we had a wonderful time.  I really enjoy the laughter that comes through these classes.  Chris stepped out of her comfort zone and used my sewing machine to add pom pom trim to the edge of one of her pages.  The comment you can see peeping out of her journal pocket hints at what happened!

It wasn't a disaster, she just broke the needle.  Something that happens to me frequently enough to mean that I always carry spares :)

And we did chuckle about this snippet of text that Sylvia found in my inspiration jar, a little story in itself so on it went to Sylvia's journal pocket.  Not that it was a laughing matter, just the incongruity (wow, that's a big word for this time of the morning, where did that come from?!!!) of this statement being amongst snippets of paper!

"And how's the old lady, Mrs Beale?"
"Zillah Craddock's dead, my dear"

Sylvia is a very talented quilter and mixed media artist and I always love how she puts colour together. [just look at those accordion books she made, the colours are wonderful]

Again photos are limited as I forgot to take more!  And this time there was room on my phone...aarrrgh!!  Paddy did the most gorgeous piece using Tim's new bird cage die alongside Paper Artsy's new bird stamp...YuMMY!!!


  1. sounds like a fab class Sarah - another one to add to my list of things to do!

  2. I love those stamps Sarah and have to admit that one set never made it to the shelf! AJ3 looks like another fun day and I agree with you, Sylvia's work is wonderful, and that box.............its all so inspiring.

  3. Sounds wonderful--love these photos!!

  4. Some stunning work here, Sarah, Your class sounds great fun.


  5. Sarah, your journal classes always look great. I'm promising myself one as a treat later in the year, so don't just suddenly stop doing them, will you!?

    Looking forward to seeing you at the Festival.

  6. The classes you teach and attend always look so fab! Sure wish I could find something similar around here. I'd really never heard of art journaling until I found your blog. Love it! xxD

  7. Oh what fun! It's time to bring the Sarah Anderson Art Journaling classes
    to the US!!!


  8. Looks like you had a blast! Great pages :-) Kate

  9. Fab photos Sarah. I look forward to doing AJ2 and then onto AJ3!

  10. ahhh I wanna journal with you!!!
    love the word "laugh" did you just write that? Well you have inspired me to make a journal for sure...1st summer project!

  11. If the airways were open--I would totally come visit you so you can teach me all this crafty stuff! I love your style! Love it:)


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