Wednesday, 14 April 2010

art journaling at The Stamp Attic...and more!

Just look at these gorgeous pages...and Joanne had never journaled before!  I had such a fabulous weekend teaching two of my art journaling classes.  The first, on Saturday, was my 'introduction to art journaling' and we all enjoyed smooshing paint around, and using the new Tim Holtz sizzix die cuts as masks and stencils :)

I'm not sure that Peni's got the right idea about photos for blogging though (or maybe she has lol!!).  It was so lovely to meet people I know via blogging, in real life :)  

I didn't have much space left on my phone for photos so didn't get as many as I would have liked.  I did get this fun one of Wendy and Kate though.  They joined in Art Journaling 2 on Sunday, which is aimed at getting colour on the paper in different ways.

Kate is very kindly sharing her shaving foam with Wendy!!

It was an absolutely wonderful weekend, and it continues for me.  I'm teaching Art Journaling 3 (I'm drawing the line there at any more numbered AJ classes lol) tomorrow at Paddy's, and Art Journaling 2 at The Cubby Hole, Crewe, on Saturday.  Tomorrow we're playing with little books and envelopes, and funky tags to add into our journals.  Then spending some time adding words in different ways.

art journaling is fab :)

but sometimes you just need to take a break in the sunshine, and do your own thing ;)


  1. It was a FAB day Sarah!! Love the last picture! x

  2. Oh WOW, does that look like FUN! Wish I could find a class like that over here. xxD

  3. The most fabulous weekend ever Sarah, I laughed so much, ate too much and then there was paint!!! Thank you soooooo much and am looking forward to seeing you back down here for more workshops in May.

  4. What great fun! Thanks for sharing the pictures of all the different things going on at your class!

  5. We certainly did have a laugh and a lot of fun and learn things too. OMG - wait till Pen sees that photo ROFL!!

  6. AAAAAARRGHHHH!!!!!! Can't wait to get my hair back, lol. But it was lots of fun, looking forward to the next one!

  7. Hi Sarah

    It was an absolutely brilliant day - thank you so much!! My new dabbers came yesterday but they will have to wait till the weekend - I'll get some photos on the blog then too.

    Please please please can you do some more Day 2 & 3 sessions at Wantage after 2nd July as we're away for both the May and the June sessions!!!!



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