Thursday 15 April 2010

pdcc25 - another colour splash week

...and my turn to choose the splash of colour :)

I'm loving the colour 'orange' at the moment,  and I love how the rest of the play date designers have interpreted these colours :)  Between my art journaling classes, and writing this week's play date blog post [poor Julie's really under the weather with a nasty flu bug], I've not had time to do my entry.  But I will!  Here's a hint as to what I'll be using...

I did, however, manage a digital contribution!

I adore young children's drawings so when my four year old nephew produced this on my patio, I took a photograph!   For the challenge, I changed it to a black and white image (rendering the weeds almost invisible!), and added a little orange heart.  

Don't forget to check out the Play Date Cafe Blog, we have another guest designer and sponsor this week so some more fab goodies are up for grabs!


  1. LOVE your nephew's design Sarah! Love the way you've played around with it too, that orange heart is so cute! It really makes me smile!! A little artist in the making!

    I did wonder if we would get to see you use 'Carrot'!!! Look forward to seeing him when you get time to play!

  2. This is just adorable! There's nothing better than the mind and heart of a 4 year old boy! LOVE it!

  3. Oh, I'm sure you don't really have weeds! Can't wait to see your own entry later!

  4. That is too cute and love that you added that orange heart! Can't wait to see what you do with the image you shared! Thanks for the lovely splash of colors this week!

  5. How cute! Love your nephew's drawing!

  6. Cute as all get out! How creative are you to turn it into the challenge? I'm craving that carrot from Stampotique! TOOOO CUTE!!!!!! xxD

  7. LOVE LOVE LOVE it--makes me laugh! Children's art is so fun. Can't wait to see your interpretation....I know it is going to be STELLAR!!

  8. Sarah - this is too cute! Another up & coming artist! Look out blogosphere!

  9. Love this little design Sarah... My 4 year old has been producing similar designs of late...x

  10. This is too cute, Sarah! Tell your nephew that his creative side is just fabulous.. love the little orange heart!!

  11. Can I just say...YOU are my hero!
    Thank you for not only all you do to keep me sane, but for loving the PDCC as much as I do!

    So glad you left your nephew's drawing up...I know it was initially just to make me laugh, but it has kept me smiling : )

    BTW...the word verification I have to type in for this post is:
    'andersel' How about that!!!


  12. Sarah, this is so adorably cute! What a special thing to do! Tell your little nephew that we love his work!!!

  13. oooh your creativity is so inspiring !
    Seriously I LOVE the way you think :)


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