Thursday, 19 March 2015

creative wrapping

 It was one of my very best friend's birthdays last weekend and although I'd bought part of her present, I made the rest.  It was a handmade present that grew and grew and I'll share it in another post, but today I'm sharing the fun I also had gift wrapping it!

After splashing paint and ink around on some paper along with some doodles and rubber stamps I added some double sided adhesive sheet to the back of part of it, punched some circles in the style of Roben-Marie Smith and used the circular stickers I created to hold down the tissue wrapping paper.

I then added some more to a tag, added some collage and a declaration of truth, punched a hole and added some thread.  Now, can you guess what the present was?!!


  1. Oh! I love a mystery! No mystery about who else has a birthday soon though!! Love your tag!! Chrisx ….Getting excited?

  2. What a fabulous parcel - love the tag and sticky circles! Have fun at AFTH tomorrow - very envious!!


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