Friday, 20 March 2015

tags of truth

Sometimes, no matter how well you know a friend, it can be tricky to know what to give them as a birthday gift, especially when you are housebound with a nasty, nasty cough and can't nip out to the shops for a bit of a mooch!

I did find a small gift on Etsy but wanted to add to it.  Having rummaged around my friend's pinterest boards, and blog hopped from some of her links, I decided to make a gift inspired by Rebecca Sower's autumn inspiration board..... 

....and created a framed collection of tags that declare truth about my friend.

I started off thinking I'd make 4 or 5 tags but once I laid them out within the frame I realised I'd need lots!

I chose colours, fabrics and buttons that I was pretty sure she'd like and added words and truths from the Bible.  The music fabric was created by another talented mutual friend.

I stamped some words but added others after cutting them out of an old prayer book.  I can't bring myself to cut up a Bible (there are too many people in the world who can't afford them so it just seems wrong) but second hand bookshops often have cheap copies of the book of common prayer which contains great words, sometimes hymns, and usually some Psalms.

My friend loves to crochet and sew, and shares my love of buttons, so these all feature!

She's also a fan of hens teeth art (as am I!), which inspired the stitching on this button card.  I adore making tags and have a little box full of them; think I might make myself a little board to hang them on!  Tomorrow, though, I'm off to Harrogate ... to a workshop with Dina Wakley ..... so excited!! (and so glad I'm well enough!!!!)


  1. your tag art is fabulous, I am sure it was well received! have a great time tomorrow! am well jell, as they say!

  2. Enjoy your Dina workshop Sarah, some fabulous comments about how amazing a time everyone has had & glad you are well enough to go.

    Fantastic board, some beautiful sewing and heartfelt thoughts on there. Am sure this will be treasured and looked at often.

    Stay well :-) x

  3. Saved this to say.. .....but then forgot!........this is brilliant!!! Really enjoyed today - taking time to come back to reality!! Hugs, Chrisx

  4. Such a personal and totally beautiful gift Sarah - your friend is very lucky! Jo

  5. that's divine. what a lovely personal gift for your friend sarah. Hope you enjoye/d the Dina Wakeley workshop. stay well x

  6. Your gift is being enjoyed every day! Thanks so much! And how lovely to see its story on here :) xx


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