Saturday 23 June 2012

a woolly gathering

Chris, our good friend Sarah and I headed 'up North' last night to Woolfest, Cockerham, Cumbria..  We stayed the night in Chris' caravan, where the view included a lake! [ It doesn't usually, it's just rained a lot (a month's rain in one day yesterday apparently!) ]

From there we made our way to the wool focused event this morning and had an aMaZiNG time :)  Woolly inspiration everywhere!

I'd love to be able to wear a hat like this one on the right!  Gorgeous!!!

I am definitely going to have a go at wet felting with other fabrics and bits and pieces included.  Every bit of nano felting caught my eye, I just love the wrinkled effect produced on the silk/organza.

I'm even tempted to have a go at some weaving after seeing this work by Eta Ingham Lawrie, it's just STuNNiNG!

One of the fab things about the event was that it included everything about wool, from the sheep (this is a Wensleydale - I have some curly Wensleydale locks but didn't realise they were exactly like that on the sheep lol!  Except mine have been dyed blue/green)  through carding and spinning to knitting/felting/weaving. It was great to appreciate the whole cycle.

Chris showed off her knowledge of wool by declaring "Isn't that blue leicester Sarah?  I'm sure it is!"  It was.  Who knew there were so many funky breeds.  I now have some black shetland wool to needle felt into penguins :)  I even got some projects started on the journey there and back -

granny squares on the way, 'big' crochet on the way back (but that photo didn't transfer from my phone for some reason so will share another day).

And now for bed, it was a looooooooooong day, but a good one.  Thanks Chris!


  1. It was a pleasure, an absolute pleasure! Thanks to you and Sarah for a great time - who'd have thought there would have been such a range of stands around just one product! Off to sleep it off now! Hugs and zzzz, Chrisx

  2. Sounds like a fascinating the sheep with dreadlocks;)

  3. It's a miracle you didn't drown. I love the colours on your granny squares, rich and gorgeous.

  4. Wow thanks for sharing you awesome day....I had no idea there were sheep like these with the long wool..I'll be you were tired!!!


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