Friday, 15 June 2012

life after...

applying for a job, getting it, ofsted and tonsillitis!  I sooooooooooo needed this two week half-term holiday!

In between ofsted (that's school inspectors) and tonsillitis my daughter and I went on a one day course down in Stafford with the lovely Emily Notman.

It was a gorgeous, sunny day and we spent the morning dying and bleaching a variety of simple fabrics, including lace.

The afternoon involved putting all our pieces together to create a wall hanging.

 Mine is still a work in progress, but a nice one. I can take it out and add stitching or beading to it according to my mood!  Sophie's is lovely and it was great to do something like this together!

One of the great things about doing a workshop at Unit Twelve Gallery, Stafford is the gorgeous exhibition space which is always filled with delightful things.

clever wire work by Louise Wilson

 love these floral collages by Heather Burgess

 Katie Almond's ceramics are always fabulous

Well out of my price range but absolutely stunning work by Lauren van Helmond

 and I so wanted one of these landscapes by Sarah Jane Brown but the one I liked was sold

fabulous textual pictures by Rachel Hazell

This current exhibition, entitled 'word play', runs until 28th July 2012 and I can highly recommend it if you live near enough!

My great friend Julie Murray is hosting a huge celebration, with giveaways, as she's now been blogging for three years.  Check out her blog here, it's so worth it :)


  1. that looks fab Sarah... right up my street. I must investigate. tonsillitis is a bummer isn't it? one of my work mates has just had it 4 times in a row!

  2. sarah! such a beautiful piece and very inspirational! thank you for featuring the wonderful creations by other artists as well.


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