Thursday, 28 January 2010

pdcc#14: colours of summer

What I love about the play date colour challenge is that, through using images of the world around us, we can be inspired and challenged to try new colours in our artwork. This week's image is of flowers in my sister's garden which won a silver gilt medal at the Royal Horticultural Society's annual show at Tatton Park in Cheshire. I can spend hours photographing sections of her gardens, they are so amazingly put together.

I love this photograph, what I didn't think about was how easy [or hard!!]  it would be to make a project using these colours!!   These aren't colours I'm used to using together so it was a proper challenge this week!!

I needed some journal time this week so decided to play with these colours. My other option was an ATC with this month's free stamp from Craft Stamper.  That may still happen, we'll see!!

Anyway, I put the orange, dusty pink and lilac down on the paper in patches.  They were all acrylic paints although the lilac is a lumiere, which reacted quite differently when I sprayed Sticky Fingers Grass Green Summer ink over the top and let it drip down.

I then added stamping, again using the paints, before embossing the flowers and adding the flying stopwatch and the quotes.  My sakura white souffle pen didn't like the ink either and turned green as I wrote on the page!

I am particularly pleased that I finally managed to add some stitching to my journal ... hurray!!  The clock image was stitched before I glued it to the page.

Good luck with the colours.  I can't wait to see what you do with them.  :)


  1. So beautiful!! You are obviously a very talented family!

  2. Absolutely stunning! Really love these pages.
    Lesley x

  3. Hi Sarah

    Thank you for your encouraging comments. I'm fascinated with this new type of art, well to me anyway, and this project is gorgeous. Is there no end to your family's talents, a garden designer in the family too!!!! How wonderful!
    The colours you've chosen work wonderfully together and I love those stamps.
    I've had a read through the challenge site from your last post and loved it. I am definately going to have a go at all this... when I've done a bit more reading up!!


  4. Beautiful work. Again, I always love when you do journal work. Made the colors really come alive.

    Here's to a wonderful week together at The Play Date Cafe.... ; )


    (would have been here last night, but Paul had to watch the City/United derby on the computer once he got home from work....PAINFUL to say the least!)

  5. Oooh those pages are gorgeous! I think I'm gonna have to get my finger out and enter a PDCC one of these days.
    I've been to Tatton and the garden displays there are an art in themselves!

  6. did I see you mention ATCs Sarah?

  7. great journal pages Sarah. eeek - that's a selection of colours to play with this week! your sister's garden looks beautiful

  8. Stunning! I am stuck at the mo with the colours this week, but I LOVE how you've used them, just beautiful. X Anne X

  9. ATCs Karen? I think i've forgotten how to make them ;)

  10. Oh my GOd this is fantastic!

    Color Combi is very difficult I think...but your pages are absolutley great!
    Lg Susi

    our new ATC Challengeblog

  11. I LOVE this, what fab colours :-) This is a beautiful journal page. Kate x

  12. Gorgeous Sarah - your journal pages are as lovely as your sister's garden!
    Thanks for your comments on my little box - I can't believe it won! Am off now to add my cup to my blog and email Julie to claim my prize. Wow.
    See you soon I hope.

  13. Fab page, Sarah - love the flower stamp x

  14. Wow I love your art journal pages! I think the colors in these are so wonderful - glad you shared!


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