Sunday, 10 January 2010

taking it easy

Alcoholinky left me a link to the demo version of this game, knowing I love the steampunk style.  What she didn't know is I also love logic games so this computer game is just PERFECT for me!!    I'm not a great game player, but this is FAB!  :)  After playing the demo version I just HAD to pitch in and get the full blown version :)   It's called Machinarium and has the cutest little robot and is fabulously illustrated :)

Right, off to do what I should be doing this afternoon!  Don't tell Wendy I was skiving ;)


  1. What a cute game! Such great illustration! Sometimes we need to just PLAY! Keeps us sane and creative, I think! Hope you're having a wonderful weekend, Sarah!

  2. I have one word for you Mrs Anderson.............enjoy! LOL

  3. ROFL - we're spreading the word. I just had to buy it too!!

  4. I am back and ready to blog, my friend! I have to make sure I take a look at this properly!

  5. Me again Sweetie...just popping by to say thank you for your get well wishes to Spunky and Frank. I hope you have a great week! xoxo


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